Monday, August 25, 2008


FLORA DANICA, Ann Arbor, 1976. This issue had to be printed twice since the company that took on the job tried once with the wrong cover stock and changed some of my lay out.  The second version was fine. It included a special formatting of a work by Andrews I laid out as an accordianated eight page folding insert. For the cover and graphics inside I took a wooden box and xeroxed it, then erased and whited out portions.  Some panels of it ran adjacent to poems that used pages like drawing paper, Ron Silliman's for instance. Only one of the three works he provided appears in this selection. In the next entry I hope to include some response that I got to the E.A.G. Hawker works. These were taken from a little booklet of her work that was printed in Ireland some years before. Using modern technologies rather than white out, I have corrected the scan of the title page to read true. 



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